90 Day Extraordinary Human Living (EHL 2017)

taught by Arvin Khamseh
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Arvin Khamseh
Arvin Khamseh
Biohacking Expert

About the instructor

Watch and Weight 30-Day Challenge Founder, Arvin Khamseh is an Oxford-trained geek and graduate of the National Organization of Development of Exceptional Talents (think Harvard except it starts at age of 10).

He is a contributor to publications: Thrive Global  (invited by Arianna Huffington), American Student Dental Association (ASDA), Medium and Better Humans.  Arvin’s expert advice has been featured on top named Inc Magazine podcast: Conscious Millionaire and spoken on stages on one of the largest health and fitness retreat and festivals in east coast: Festival for Change. He is currently preparing for his TEDx talk in September in Idaho.    Arvin’s work is inspired by his own experiences. He observed his mother struggle to lose weight for years and his father relying on 6 cups of coffee a day just to function. Arvin has also experienced his own personal struggle to make any noticeable improvements in weight lifting. After extensive research experience at a lab, self-experimentation and personal mentoring, he was able to add 215 lbs to his deadlift, help his mother easily lose over 30 lbs, and has reversed two dental cavities.

90 Day Extraordinary Human Living


Work Smarter. Live Better.

You don’t have to take a course in how to live your life better. Just like you didn’t have to do your extra credit, or read all the books on the summer reading list.

But you did. And that’s why you’re so successful now.

I don’t take lazy people and show them how to be successful. Nobody can do that – they don’t want to do the work it takes to be successful.

I take successful people like you, and show you how to be better than you thought possible.

It’s not easy, and these strategies won’t make your problems disappear.

But I will make you better, stronger, and more able to conquer any challenge in your life. And I will do it in 90 days.

‘Better you’ will thank ‘pretty good you’ for investing in yourself now.

About the Instructor

Watch and Weight 30-Day Challenge Founder, Arvin Khamseh is an Oxford-trained geek, and graduate of the National Organization of Development of Exceptional Talents (like Harvard for 10 year olds).

He writes for: Thrive Global (invited by Arianna Huffington), American Student Dental Association (ASDA), Medium, and Better Humans.

Arvin’s expert advice has been featured in:

- TEDx
- Festival for Change
- Inc. Magazine podcast: Conscious Millionaire

Arvin’s personal experience of following his own advice includes: adding 215 lbs. to his deadlift, reversing two dental cavities, and helping his mother permanently lose over 30 lbs.

About Extraordinary Human Living

Extraordinary Human Living allows you to set the bar high for yourself, and achieve success in your life beyond what you thought was possible. We find and optimize the best way you can produce lasting change in your life, so you can reach your peak state, then stay in it.

As if changing your life wasn’t already an irresistible value, you will receive these BONUSES that complement this course:

Watch and Weight 30 Day Challenge $297 Value:

Sleep Hacking Introduction $200 Value

Choose either: 2 Essentials Test with Inside Tracker/Wellness f(x) or a Genetic Test $189 Value

Total of $875 Value – FREE

Also, you will get exclusive access to one LIVE weekly call for 90 days. The calls will also be recorded, so you can access them any time.

What you get out of the calls:

1. Virtually walk me through your kitchen, workplace, and home so the group and I can pinpoint improvements you can make to remove/minimize toxic chemicals, blue light, EMF exposure, and create a biohacking environment around you.

2. Consult how to use biohacking tools, and gadgets for peak performance: Biohacking on a budget, (DIY your life.)

3. Customized Daily Routine: Devise a thriving and healthy lifestyle to boost your results consistently.

4. Review Supplement Stack: Based on your biomarkers, background and goals, I tell you what combination of supplements are most suited and customized for your body.

5. One Mitochondria at a time: We will focus on diverse areas for you to experience breakthroughs in your performance. Choose from:

- EHL Protocol

- Gut Health Protocol

- Sleep Hacking Protocol

- Nutrition

- Supplements and Nootropics

- Psychology of a biohacker and Mindset

- Troubleshooting of your programs and results

- Interpretation of biomarker testing

All in, this life changing experience in only a $997 investment in your potential.

Will you change? Or are you comfortable living a pretty good life?


PS. Hey, friends – Arvin here. There are plenty of courses out there with big, bold claims. But do they measure their results, so they can prove that they work?

We do.

You will check your biomarkers on day 1, and by day 90 SIGNIFICANTLY improve the biomarkers of your choice.

That’s right – I don’t just guarantee success, you get to choose where you want to succeed.

And if you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days? I will give you a full refund. No questions asked – that’s how confident I am that you will experience real change for yourself, and fast!

How committed am I to your well being?

You also get a functional medicine doctor assigned to you to provide additional insights for your customized plan.

You will find a circle of friends like you and create a biohacking community.

I even have most of your supplements from your biohacking stack tested by a third party company.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level, so you can finally stop asking yourself how things could be even better?

Enrollment is limited, and starts now. Take action and make your great life even better for only $997.

Course Contents

19 Videos
3 Texts